Sonali Mohapatra is the Space Applications Lead at the space engineering practise, Craft Prospect based in Glasgow. She leads the development of innovative quantum tech and AI applications for smart space futures using small satellites called CubeSats. With a strong technical background, creative mentality and knack for business development, Sonali brings quantum expertise into the space sector. She is the quantum expert on the technical team of the upcoming ROKS mission which will be the first CubeSat mission in the world to demonstrate AI powered cloud sensitive satellite to earth Quantum Key Distribution for future proof cybersecurity and quantum communication.


She is the founding member and chair of the New Voices in Space working group of the Scottish Space Leadership Council, board member of QIndia, an equality and diversity consultant for international organisations, visiting researcher at the University of Strathclyde and founder and Creative Director of the queer/feminist literary magazine, Carved Voices.


With a strong understanding of multiple disciples and a PhD in Particle Physics and Quantum Gravity, Sonali is a polymath who brings disruptive ideas into life combining expertise from physics, psychology, social sciences, gender theory and story telling. Her first poetry book, Leaking Ink was published in 2016. Sonali is currently writing her second poetry manuscript and a third popular science manuscript.

Click below to catch Sonali on a Panel Discussion on the Satellite Eye View at the Edinburgh Science Festival 2021: