I am currently a Space Quantum Technologies Developer as an Impact Accelerator working jointly with the University of Strathclyde and Craft Prospect Limited. I have a background in theoretical physics studying the fundamentals of space-time, quantum gravity and more broadly, quantum theory, optics and quantum information. In my current position, I am involved in the ROKS missions, where I look at various aspects of Satellite to Earth Quantum Key Distribution. In the future, I am interested to enable the onboarding of many more fundamental physics experiments on satellites.

Apart from that, I have been involved in Athena Swan UK and Sum Strategy Canada, as a gender strategist, continue to write popular science articles in science magazines and do various radio shows and talks on science and feminist outreach. I am a voracious public speaker who uses a combination of the scientific method and spoken word to connect seemingly disconnected topics in a functional manner. I am a poet, motivational speaker, and the Founder and Creative Director of International Queer/Feminist Magazine “Carved Voices”. My first book, “Leaking Ink” was published in 2016 and I am currently actively seeking a publisher for my second book of feminist poetry.

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