Obsessed With Gravity

We all have an artistic side. For years and years, physicists have always considered gravity a flighty mistress, a temptress, the ultimate mystery and the holy grail of physics. Needless to say as a poet and a gravitist, ultimately both my worlds collided and I decided to write a poem on my passion on a cold day in the year 2015 when I was a Perimeter’s Scholar International Student and trying not to go crazy.

So, here you go, a poem on gravity and the different approaches to it.

“Obsessed with Gravity”

Gravity sitting and thinking on a stool,

It’s slipping and sliding on a Reimann Pool,

The Riccis and scalars are here and there

The Gammas form a connection that cares.

Its fate was dreamt in Einstein’s sleep

where Hilbert trusted it to Minkowski’s keep,

The g..s wanted to be in the thick of things

and thus entered the action with a leap.

The 5th dimension knocked at a tense time

on the doors of both Kaluza and Klein,

It said I can roll up really small

If only you can make me gravity’s hall!!

In a future post, I will explain about the various metaphors (which are not so metaphorical in gravity theory). So stay tuned!

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