About Me

Sonali is a final year Chancellors PhD student at the University of Sussex, UK. She has a double masters in Physics from Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada where she graduated as the valedictorian of the 2015 PSI batch and IISER-Kolkata, India. Her current research direction is quantum gravity and blackholes. She is broadly interested in applying her analytical and critical thinking skills to real world problems. Her research interests include the fundamentals of space and time, cognition and neuroscience, AI, complexity theory, game theory, the future of intelligence and ethical altruism.

She blogs intermittently on various physics blogs including The Quantum Messenger. She is the Athena SWAN PhD representative at the University of Sussex. Sonali is also a motivational speaker who regularly gets invited to talk on issues surrounding Gender in Academia and the juxtaposition of the personal and the professional. She has been featured in the press multiple times.

Sonali is the president of the Alumni Association of IISER-Kolkata, India’s leading research hub. She is also a poet, author, singer, motivational speaker. She has authored the poetry collection Leaking Ink and is the founder and editor of the International Digital Magazine, Carved Voices.

You can contact her at sonali.mpt@gmail.com.

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