When I want to make my sweet escape, I hum a few songs or strum a few bars. The weather in my heart changes. I am a wizard. Tell me what to summon, a cloud of sorrow to rain and ease your heart or a elvish spell to make you dance? – Me 🙂

I may not be the best of singers and composers, but I do love music and believe it is one of those magic spells that the ancients have been kind enough to leave us with. Or maybe only music can be the language of the world. The multidimensional world which looks like a multidimensional Penrose onion.(More on that later).

But this:

bad singing

has never happened yet! But sometime I like to think of myself as this:

violin girl

So, come join my happiness and sorrow with music and listen to me at Reverbnation here!

My performance as a guest vocalist with Canadian Band Eccodek can be found here and here. More of my previous shows can be found here .

Leaving you now with much love ❤

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