Diversity in Constructions: Who are our cities built for?

In this blog post, I will touch upon a not often thought of topic. How do architecture and physical details add to the lack of diversity in our workplaces? I have been thinking about this for a while because for a long time, ever since I have been in cold countries, for example, Canada, UK,Continue reading “Diversity in Constructions: Who are our cities built for?”

Complexity of Gender in Academia and how it adds to the Leaky Pipeline.

Hello everyone. Today, I have been talking to a collaborator of mine regarding the complexity of factors that adds to gender skewness in the workplace. Often I have attended workshops, conferences and events where participants focus on one aspect which leads to the “leaky pipeline” of academia, so to say. Now, just to put itContinue reading “Complexity of Gender in Academia and how it adds to the Leaky Pipeline.”

Equality in STEMM Conclave

So, I am thrilled to be representing Sussex tomorrow at the Equality in STEMM conclave at Amsterdam as part of the Equality and Diversity Group. In the light of that, here are some amazing slides I made showcasing all that Sussex is working for. ❤ Let’s all move towards building a more inclusive STEM! FindContinue reading “Equality in STEMM Conclave”